iRecipe is no longer under active development. The information below is for reference only. It is not recommended to use this program, and it is unlikely to run at all on newer macOS versions.

iRecipe is a recipe management application--an electronic cookbook.

iRecipe is being rewritten. See below for more details, especially if you are a developer.



Download iRecipe 0.2 (Beta) for Mac OS X

Note to upgraders: If you have been using version 0.1, please note that version 0.2 uses a new format with which version 0.1 files (saved recipes, etc.) are not compatible. See the news page for more.

System Requirements

At the moment, iRecipe requires:

If you are unsure what version of the JRE you have installed, go to Software Update and see if a newer version is offered. If not, you probably have already upgraded to at least 1.5.

At the moment, iRecipe is only available for OS X. Versions for other operating systems, including Windows, are planned for later but are not yet available.

More Information

iRecipe is currently early in its development stage and thus has only basic functionality.

iRecipe is open-source and released under the MPL. This means that if you are a programmer, you can help work on iRecipe! Old (0.2 and before) versions of iRecipe were written with a Java back-end (hence the requirement for the JRE) with the only GUI being a Cocoa-Java GUI for OS X only. More recent commits to the code repository may include C++ wiht the Qt toolkit, but no releases have been made from this branch. See the Sourceforge project developer site for more information!